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What To Do (and Not Do) Before Demolition

All demolition projects vary, but when it comes to success and safety on your next project, there are a few demolitions do’s and don’ts all homeowners should know.

Whether you are preparing to have your pool removed, ripping up a damaged driveway or have renovation goals for your new home, check out these six tips before beginning your next project.

What You Shouldn’t Do:

  1. Forgo Preparation: There’s a lot more to demolition than just knocking stuff down. That’s why preparation is crucial. From obtaining the right permits to deciding how you will work around the construction site, establishing a game plan prior to demolition will save you the headache of figuring it out as you go along.
  2. Get In The Way: If you’ve decided to hire a qualified demolition company, make sure you’re not in the way when it’s time to work. By interfering, you put yourself and their team at risk for injury, leave room for errors and could even prolong the project. If you’d like to help, ask if there’s a way you can help prepare your property for their arrival, and then enjoy the free time you’ve gained by investing in a hardworking demolition team to complete your project!
  3. DIY: Many homeowners prefer to do their own demolition in an effort to save money, but if you do not have the experience, DIY demolition could end up costing you more in the long run. From incorrect preparation to using the wrong equipment, DIY demolition could result in property damage, personal injury and even lawsuits.

What You Should Do:

  1. Get Your Permits: Before beginning any demolition projects, it’s important that you obtain all the necessary permits to help the process run smoothly and avoid any fines. If you are unsure what type of permits you’ll need, or if this is something your demolition team takes care of, contact your demolition company prior to beginning.
  2. Do Your Research: If you’ve decided to hire a qualified demolition team, we recommend doing your research to find the best team for the job. When doing your research, make sure your team is experienced, licensed and insured and has a number of positive reviews from previous customers.
  3. Trust The Professionals: As stated earlier, we never recommend taking care of a demolition project yourself — especially if you do not have the experience to do so. Instead, invest in a licensed and insured demolition team to get the job done right. By trusting an experienced professional, you can rest assured knowing your property is in great hands.

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