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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

At Pater Bobcat Services, we believe open communication is crucial for the success of any excavation or trucking service. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of your most frequently asked questions so that you can feel confident that our team is who you need for your next project.

From early signs of deterioration to maintenance tips post project, trust our experienced excavation specialists to help guide you through your residential or commercial projects.

For more information about our excavation and trucking services from the experts at Pater Bobcat Services, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.896.9778.

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We provide residential and commercial services to clients in Grand Rapids and throughout West Michigan.

Yes, we are licensed and insured.

That is up to you! We give our clients the option of whether or not they’d like to be present during our work.

We offer a wide variety of residential and commercial services. A few of our services include: concrete prep and removal, rough and final grading, pool demolition, beach replenishment and trucking. View our full list of services here.

Our trucking services can provide you with a variety of quality materials to make your next project that much easier! A few of our materials include: screened and unscreened topsoil, gravel, stone, sand, bark and mulch. If you have a question about what other materials or services we offer, please contact us here.

While we appreciate when our clients are able to make an appointment prior to construction, we understand that things happen! Because of this, we are happy to offer same-day visits, as long as our schedule allows.

Renovations can be a great way to add value to your home, in addition to getting rid of things that no longer suit you. This can include removing an old or damaged pool, replacing cracked or sinking concrete, adding an addition to your home and more.

Concrete preparation is crucial to ensure a successful and stable finished product. Prior to pouring, you must calculate the correct depth for your project, prepare the ground you’ll be building on and so much more. We recommend investing in an experienced concrete preparation expert to ensure your project is done correctly and will last for years to come.

To ensure maximum strength, we recommend not putting weight on your concrete immediately after it’s poured. Instead, we suggest you keep your concrete wet for several days or keep it covered with a tarp to help the hardening process. Depending on your project, your concrete specialist may have other care tips, so it’s important to consult with them before performing maintenance.

Rough grading is the first step in the grading process. During this time, your grading specialist will clear, level and shape the area in preparation for the final grading. Final grading is when the grading expert will smooth out the area as they provide finishing touches on your project. Learn more about rough and final grading here.

Many people opt for lawn installation because they are easy to install, can help prevent weeds from growing and can add value to your property.

A catch basin is an underground drainage system that helps remove excess water runoff from their property. Learn more about our catch basin services here.

You may need a catch basin if your property experiences standing water after a heavy rainfall, your grass remains saturated for days without draining or if you have a sloped area on your property. If you are unsure if a catch basin is the right solution for your yard, be sure to talk with a qualified professional about your options.

When maintaining your catch basin, be sure to clear the area regularly to ensure proper drainage when needed and only allow rainwater down the drain.

We do not recommend removing a pool by yourself without the right experience, as it could result in injury or damage to your property. Instead, we recommend seeking a qualified pool removal specialist to help.

Trenching services can be beneficial to individuals who are considering new installations to their property, need access to underground areas of their property or are experiencing any issues with groundwater. Learn more about our trenching services here.